• an international consultancy with office in Nairobi and headquarters in Copenhagen
  • a network-based organization which collaborates with a broad range of experts and partners from the public and private sectors

We assist companies, NGOs and public institutions in designing and implementing strategic PPCs and Responsible Business practices to foster sustainable development and shared value for all stakeholders.

Our mission

We aim to support the public and private sectors in creating growth that enhances shared value, sustainable development, biodiversity and equal opportunities.

We believe that the private sector can play an important role in creating positive impact on a global scale. We also believe that all people have the same potential and we aim to release that potential. Thus, at the heart of our work lies the effort to create equal opportunities for all in terms of income, access to the same universal rights and access to natural resources.

Our mission is based on three beliefs:

  • The private sector has great potential to create sustainable solutions with a focus on the Triple Bottom Line: people, planet and profit
  • Building the business case for CSR and PPC is an essential step in promoting social and economic development, cultural diversity and human rights
  • Integrating Responsible Business practices and PPC to the core business is a prerequisite for companies who wish to create value